C.diff related ulcerative colitis

C.diff related ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative Colitis treatment is a significant focus of RDS Probiotic Infusions.

Ulcerative Colitis, also referred to as UC, or just “colitis,” is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes long-lasting inflammation in the digestive tract. Ulcerative colitis is a type of colitis, a disease of the colon that includes ulcers.  The primary symptom of ulcerative colitis is usually frequent diarrhea mixed with blood, with gradual onset.

Ulcerative Colitis treatmentUlcerative colitis is similar to Chrohn’s disease, which is another common form of inflammatory bowel disease. Like Chrohn’s, ulcerative colitis can be debilitating and in some cases, can lead to life-threatening complications. Ulcerative colitis is an intermittent disease, with periods of severe symptoms, and periods that are almost completely symptom-free. In some cases, the symptoms of ulcerative colitis can diminish on their own; however, the majority of the time, Ulcerative Colitis treatment is necessary in order for the disease to go into remission.

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