Dr. R. David Shepard has been featured in the following publications. Consult these links to read more about his work with FMT.

The Power of Poop

“Interview with Dr. R. David Shepard, M.D.”

This is an interview with Dr. R. David Shepard of RDS Infusions. It addresses many questions people may have about FMT as a treatment for C. diff. and other diseases. 

The New York Times

“Why I Donated My Stool”

This article, written by a woman who acted as the donor for a friend’s fecal transplant, examines the benefits of FMT as a treatment for C. diff. It also examines the ongoing controversy with the FDA and its stance on FMT. Published July 6, 2013. 

The Columbus Dispatch

“OSU Doing Procedure to Fight Gut Infections”

OSU recently began performing FMTs as treatment for C. diff. This article examines the procedure and its growing popularity as a treatment for C. diff. Published June 8, 2013 

The Chrohn’s Journey Foundation

“Trailblazing the Bacteria Transplant Field”

In this article, a woman shared her experience undergoing a fecal transplant in an attempt to treat her C. diff. It is a good first-hand account of the various steps involved with undergoing FMT. Published June 8, 2013 



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